Newly renovated, this grand and modern 3 story mansion has all the facilities you would expect from a top quality backpackers: internet access, free Wi-Fi, BBQ area, and an on the ball travel desk. Relax in our lounge complete with 40″ flat screen TV, cook up a storm in our self-catering kitchen, or grab a drink and play a game of pool in our funky entertainment area. Choose from a variety of rooms, including mixed or female dorms, single bed dorms, and private rooms – some of which are en-suite for added comfort.



While hiking the famous Machu Picchu trail in South America two tired and weary friends were talking to pass the time while on the trail. South America had been a great new adventure for the last 9 months and life back home was soon calling. While stumbling down from the summit of the Salkantay pass at 4600m high Tim and Denis began discussing the idea of opening a hostel or backpackers lodge in South Africa. After staying in many along the journey, most of the time it was a hit and miss when booking hostels in South America some were good and some were bad. Tim and Denis had the idea to create a lodge that once you booked you knew you would be in for a great experience. The ideas were flowing thick and fast all kinds of crazy weird concepts and wonderful thoughts began to emerge. (The beginning of the Dream) Ideas from a 24hr disco club hostel to a 10ft walled off hostel island in the city were everything goes. Upon arrival back in South Africa the boys sat down and had some more practical discussions.

What do travellers want and need? The essentials…
  • Good night’s sleep
  • Clean showers
  • Internet (free)
  • Large communal spaces including rooms
  • Breakfast (free)

All of the essentials and more were put together and Atlantic Point Backpackers was created and doors opened on the 11 June 2010.


Our efforts are focused on giving all our guests a great experience from start to finish. We have furnished the lodge with hotel standard beds and linen. We are trying to lead the way in the hostel/ backpacking industry by setting the trends and upholding a high standard of service and quality, each year we invest money directly into the hostel. Maintaining and improving our current property is a constant challenge but one we are really excited to manage.

  • In 2010 we opened
  • In 2011 we installed plug sockets in your lockers
  • In 2012 we gave you a swimming pool and garden
  • In 2013 we gave you a mini-golf course and new reception area.
  • In 2014 can’t wait…


Atlantic Point and its management team will continue to search for new opportunities across South Africa and the globe. We will continue to keep prices down and push the boundaries of youth travel. By growing our current lodge and expanding we will always be a fresh and ideas driven team. We will continue to travel and explore the world while bringing back the best ideas along the way.